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Interactive Learning

At Atticus Education, we have been delivering dynamic online seminars for more than a decade from a purpose-built studio in west Cork, Ireland. Using a unique archive of more than 10000 clips and interactive slides, our seminars are completely interactive, interdisciplinary and one-of a-kind.

Bridging Industry & Classroom

David Puttnam brings his experience as an independent film-producer and long-time industry policymaker to each seminar, which allows us to be uniquely placed to bridge the gap between industry and education, and to understand the breadth of skills today’s filmmakers will need in achieving their goals.

Legislation, Ethics & Innovation

David’s twenty-four years as a member of the House of Lords, working on climate change legislation and probing the ethical implications of successive new technologies, informs all his


Our Goals

Creative Thinking Seminars

To deliver exceptional seminars that help participants think in more creative and critical ways.

Future-Ready Skills

To look ahead and cultivate the kind of skills we will all need to navigate the future.

Global Creative Insights

To provide up-to-the-minute analysis of what is happening across the global creative sector.

Dynamic Issue Resolution

To listen to the concerns of participants and address them in dynamic ways.

Knowledge Delivery

To be compelling and rigorous with the knowledge that we provide to you.


Our online programmes

We will help a client's problems to develop the products they have with high quality.

Digital first

We have been experts in the field of digital learning since 2012.


We integrate exclusive multi-media resources and constant student interaction within our teaching techniques.


We tailor our programmes to ensure your unique learning needs are met.


We bring the experience and expertise of multi-award-winning film producer, parliamentarian and educationalist, Lord David Puttnam.

Our Team

The Dream Team

Lord David Puttnam
Lord David Puttnam

Owner, Director

Neil Watson
Neil Watson

Managing Director

Mary Jane Boland
Mary Jane Boland

Researcher and advisor

Alyson Riordan Davies
Alyson Riordan Davies

Marketing and Data Officer

Ciara Chambers
Ciara Chambers

Advisor for Atticus Education

Valerie Vansse
Valerie Vansse

PA to David Puttnam

Deividas Paulauskas
Deividas Paulauskas

Director of Technical Services

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